Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello world

Hello out there! As some of you know (and the rest are about to), we're moving to Germany for six months, and I thought I'd take you along virtually.

(It's a lot more comfortable than a suitcase, I promise...)

For those that are just tuning in on this plan due to my poor keeping-in-touch practices, Branden's job offered him a position in Bretten, Germany starting in July. Since I just finished my degree, it seemed like the perfect time to take a 6-month trip to Europe before beginning my postdoc in Wisconsin in December.

Therefore, we are moving to Germany. But first, our stuff needs to make it to Madison, Wisconsin. So, we will be driving to Madison and then hopping on a plane to Germany, cats in tow. Mischief is thrilled.

Artemis wants to know if we can go yet.

What will I be doing in Germany? I don't know, really. Blogging, apparently. Hopefully writing a few papers. Learning German. Practicing my hausfrau skills.

Stop laughing. No, really. If you're laughing at "hausfrau", you'll really laugh at "relaxing."

Ahem. Done now?

The short answer is that I will be doing nothing, in whatever way I can manage it. Should be amusing to watch, anyway.

But first, we need to get there. The "Gunns in Germany" title is a bit misleading, as we're still firmly planted in the US. That will be changing in the next week, and it would be downright cruel to make you miss out on the fun of moving. After all, it's part of the trip, right?

Are you ready? The fun starts Sunday!

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