Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ludwigsburg Castle, Part 1

Saturday I went with Jörg to Ludwigsburg Castle. He's a Ludwigsburg native, and he enjoyed showing me around the cute city. I didn't take many photos of the city, but the castle grounds were pretty interesting.
The lower section of the map is the fantasy gardens. Across the street is also Castle Favorite, which is where Herzog (Duke) Ludwig's girlfriend lived.
Here I'm about halfway between the two castles.

The local children were swarming the hillside a few weeks ago in the snow. There was a clear path from the castle wall to the bottom a a neighboring valley between the hills, with about three flat stretches in between. It looked like a 50-75 foot elevation change at something like a 30 degree angle, though that's just the average. The two steps up to the castle were more like 45 degrees. This view from inside shows the hill all the way down on the right.

Herzog Ludwig was a BIG GUY. In his middle years, he was 7'6" and 450lbs. He eventually couldn't sleep lying down, so had to sleep in chairs.

Other notables who owned and expanded on the castle were Herzog Wilhelm, and King Fredrich.

I didn't catch it in the tour, but perhaps these are urns in the hallway?

The castle has a bunch of original artwork and sculpture (of course), and some very interesting rooms, which will all be in the next post.

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