Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowy weekend

We got quite a bit of snow (for this area), and I had a nice picture taking weekend. From Goelshausen to Kuepferhaelde, there's a little walking path along the forest behind the houses. This particular tree was fairly striking, I think.

The soccer field was completely deserted for a change. I felt weird taking pictures of all the sledding kids, so I didn't.
I really enjoyed some of the patterns on this retaining wall.
The shape of the snow made me think of bite marks, or inverted Santa beards.

A local kitty was here recently.
It's hard to capture the snow on the trees. Most of the shots just looked messy.
I only had the smaller lens with me. I think plant could have made some interesting macro shots.
It also reminds me of an xkcd stick figure, with his arms up like that.

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